Welcome to DC, Joe & The Juice

It was over a year ago that Danielle, upon returning from a trip to NYC, first told me about Joe & The Juice. And when we found out that a DC store was in the works, we were both so excited. Joe & The Juice isn’t just like any other coffee shop. Yes, they are also a juicery, but there’s more to it that makes it so unique. I’ve been in touch with Kasper Garnell, Head of Branding & Communication with the company, since the fall. We’ll let him share with us what makes them special. All photos are courtesy of Joe & The Juice.

Keep caffeinated,




At Joe & The Juice we have one single bean and one single way of brewing it. Here’s a bit of background on its journey from the mountain valley of Honduras to the espresso in your cup.



Our bean is grown in the Subirana Azul Meamber region, 1300 meters above sea level. The bean is produced and processed by the locally owned cooperative COMISUYL. The 140 members of this small cooperative are setting new standards in sustainable coffee production and processing, as they own and operate the first wet mill (process plant) powered only by sustainable energy. It is run by solar power during the day and locally produced bio fuel at night. This is a huge step in stopping the deforestation in Honduras caused by excessive coffee production, and we at Joe & The Juice are really proud to be a part of this.


In addition to focusing on renewable energy, the cooperative also launched several progressive educational programs to benefit the local community. We support COMISUYL as it works toward its dual aim of improving the livelihoods of its members and their families while simultaneously providing quality coffee to the international marketplace. They produce a bean that both respects the environment and delights the taste buds of consumers all over the world.



Our coffee is roasted quite dark – yielding a sweet and powerful taste with hints of caramel and chocolate. Paired with the fruity and complex notes from the origin, the final coffee works extremely well as both a stand alone espresso and in a latte.



When our juicers, who are all trained baristas, serve the coffees to our guests, we don’t do “small” or “large” sizes. Instead, we use a range of unique and vibrant colors to indicate the sizes of our coffee beverages – this makes communication more effective and includes the guest in the JOE universe.


Latte art is of course a huge focus when it comes to our coffee education. Our chief barista even hosts biannual latte art competitions in all markets where the best baristas are competing for glory and respect among their peers. We believe that a well-served coffee with a beautiful design is just worth much more.


So stop by our first DC store on 1500 K St NW and get a taste of JOE’s coffee universe.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 6am-9pm; Sat-Sun 8am-8pm



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