The Year in Coffee: 2017

What a year, what a year! Below is a breakdown of some of the big things that took place in the DC coffee community in 2017.

  • Two new roasters emerged on the scene, Small Planes and Southeastern Roastery. You can find Small Planes at Shop Made in DC as well as Peregrine and others, and Southeastern has recently moved into Songbyrd.
  • Flying Fish Coffee & Tea, Filter’s Brookland location, and Bayou Bakery in Eastern Market unfortunately all closed, but they have been replaced by Pear Plum Café, Fox Loves Taco, and Little Pearl, respectively.
  • Shops such as Vigilante rolled out table service, and farmers markets were as popular as ever.
  • Pop-ups Lost Sock and Penny Brew began popping up more often.
  • Bourbon barrel cold brew became really popular during the summer months, and we saw some of our favorite coffee shops collaborating with local distilleries to make this happen. We also saw shops begin to experiment more with coffee cocktails (which we hope to write more about this year).
  • Our first DC Coffee Fest in nearly a decade kept people caffeinated during the last weekend of September. The event centered around the DC Preliminaries for the U.S. Coffee Championships which were the only preliminaries to take place on the East Coast.
  • After years of construction, The Wharf finally opened at the Waterfront, including Velo Café at District Hardware and Bike and a new Dolcezza location. Vigilante is also serving up coffee to concertgoers and musicians at The Anthem.
  • Drip: A DC Coffee Podcast launched in the fall, which is a great treat since DC is such a podcast town. If you want to listen to a 2017 wrap up on the podcast, check out the latest episode here.
  • Hotel Hive in Foggy Bottom and The Line Hotel in Adams Morgan opened with cafés, as did Pod DC Hotel in Chinatown with Crimson Diner, serving Blanchard’s Coffee out of Richmond.
  • Other new coffee shops on the scene include Swing’s at 14th & G, Wheely’s Café, Qualia Eckington, Blue Bottle, Takoma Bev. Co., Portside Coffee and Bakery, Starbucks Reserve, Gregory’s, Slipstream Navy Yard, two new Compass locations, Sadie’s Weekdays, Chillzone Café, Detour Coffee, Colada Shop, Upper West Side Café, Vortex, Pitango AdMo, and Café Chocolat. I’m sure there’s some I missed, so please shout them out in the comments so I can include them!

As you can see, 2017 was a HUGE year for DC coffee, and we are so excited to see what 2018 brings!

Keep caffeinated,