The Better the Water, the Better the Coffee

The better the water, the better the coffee. Makes sense right? I mean, nearly 99% of coffee is water. So why have I been using sub-par water to make my coffee all these years?

DC water is not the tastiest. I won’t drink it straight from the tap. Maybe I just got used to my local water system in Louisiana, or maybe my taste buds are super sensitive. Maybe it’s DC’s rough history with the water system… So like so many of you, when I drink a glass of water, I drink filtered water. However, for three of the almost four years I’ve been living in DC, I’ve been using the tap water when brewing my coffee.

That stopped when I attended my first coffee competition, the annual Aeropress Competition that took place last July. Competitors came in with their own water, some filtered in jugs, others particular water bottle brands. And only at this time did I realize I might want to stop using tap water for my coffee. I mean, there’s a reason not one of these coffee pros is using tap water. So that evening as I was programming my drip machine for the next morning, I decided to add filtered water as opposed to tap water. And did it make a difference…?


I could immediately tell my coffee was cleaner and crisper. And honestly, now it takes longer for residue to build up on my drip machine. Now filtered water is all I use. It’s an added benefit that filtered water is better for your health as it is absent of some unwanted elements that could otherwise be making their way through your body. It can also contribute to nutrient absorption, weight loss, skin hydration, and detoxification.

After reading this, you might be thinking, “No shit, Sherlock,” and that is fine. But if you’re not doing so already, try making your morning coffee with filtered water and let us know if you can taste the difference.

Keep caffeinated,


P.S.- Yes, there are cities out there with high quality tap water. Maybe you’re lucky to live in one of these places where filtered water isn’t necessary. If you do, please share with us your thoughts on using your local tap water to brew coffee.


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