Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Caffeinated Way

It’s just around the corner, and whether you love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it… Valentine’s Day! I for one am kind of a fan of the holiday (if nothing else for the sale on Valentine candy at CVS the next day), though I see how it can get a bit overwhelming. For those choosing to celebrate, District of Coffee picked out a few places to enjoy your Valentine’s Day – while also getting your caffeine on – depending on your relationship status.

For the casually dating

So maybe you’re like Ryan Howard and have found yourself in a bit of a pickle. Or maybe you just started seeing someone and want to spend Valentine’s with them while keeping it chill. Personally, I really can’t think of a better date than playing board games over a cup of coffee or a beer (unless it’s Monopoly, then you will see my ugly side…) The Board & Brew in College Park satisfies all those needs and more, making for a fun outing. Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe is a great place for a memorable Valentine’s date, and on 2/14 there will be live music provided by Sweet Earl Green and Aaron Abernathy- tickets here. It’s also a good time to find out what kind of music your date is into, because we all know that can be a deal breaker. For something more casual, take a self-guided walking tour around darling Old Town and end the night with some espresso, sorbet, or pie (or all three) at Killer E.S.P. Or, if you’re looking to impress your date with one of the newest coffee shops on the scene, take them to Colada at 14th & T. It just opened on February 1st, so it’s possible your date hasn’t even heard of it yet, making you look super hip.

For the more serious relationship

If you really want to treat your sweetheart, Cafe Bonaparte is a pricier option in Georgetown that your date is bound to appreciate. Dine on delicious French cuisine and finish your meal by ordering one of their divine coffee drinks such as a nutella espresso with whipped cream. But be sure to make a reservation! If you want to keep the night a little more low-key (and inexpensive), why not hit up Bakers & Baristas and take a walk around the mall? I can’t think of many other things as romantic as the monuments at night. Sit on the steps of the Lincoln with a cappuccino in hand and your love by your side. What if you want to have a fun Valentine’s date, but you also want to be home in time to catch the newest episode of This Is Us while in your pajamas? Drop by La Colombe in Blagden Alley around sunset and accompany it with an artsy photo shoot, or visit the one in REI and plan your next weekend getaway together. And for all of you in Baltimore, Pitango Bakery is holding a special chocolate and wine tasting event on 2/14 for only $20. Click here to RSVP. Okay, there’s no coffee involved, but chocolate and wine!

For the “Happy Singles Awareness Day” folks

Wherever you damn well please. You ain’t gotta impress anyone!


No matter how you celebrate, I hope you all have a brew-tiful Valentine’s Day!

Keep caffeinated,



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