Travel Tuesday: Philadelphia

Philadelphia- home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Will Smith. An easy two and a half hours out of DC, I’m surprised I haven’t made my way here too often. However, with a couple friends now in the area, I really have no excuse. I traveled up for the long weekend with coffee on my mind and adventure in my heart, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Elixr Coffee Roasters

Elixr was my first coffee stop on this trip to Philly, and it came highly recommended. I ordered a croissant with an Ethiopian pour over on the Chemex which was delightfully floral. Every single wall in the cafe was decorated differently which was fun, and the place kept buzzing with people coming to work, catch up with friends, or simply pick up some coffee before heading out to Center City (their downtown). My friend also really enjoyed her chai latte.


Cafe Ole

Walking around Old City, we stumbled into Mediterranean coffeehouse Cafe Ole for some good conversation with friends. I enjoyed a Mexican hot chocolate while others at the table snacked on hummus and grape leaves. While small, the cafe had a cozy feel and perfect for tucking away for a little while.


Menagerie Coffee

We loved the decor in Menagerie Coffee, just down the street from Cafe Ole. It remained fairly busy late in the day on Saturday. However, it seemed understood that everyone was there to work, resulting in a quieter environment. I enjoyed a cappuccino which was the perfect temperature and a tasty little pastry that was able to tide me over before indulging in a Pat’s cheesesteak (whiz witout) for dinner.


Anthony’s Italian Coffee & Chocolate House

While waiting for our brunch reservations in the Italian Market, we hopped over to Anthony’s for some coffee and sweets. My Italian Market Reserve was absolutely divine, and my friend loved her hot chocolate. We also splurged on some gourmet chocolate pretzels…well worth it. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since.


La Colombe Fishtown

Philadelphia is the home of La Colombe, and while I didn’t make it to the first store in Rittenhouse Square, I did make it to the humongous location in Fishtown. It was packed midday Sunday and included food such as pizza and draft beers on the menu.


ReAnimator Coffee

ReAnimator has two locations in North Philly, and though I intended to go to the one in Fishtown, I ended up in Kensington. It was quiet, and the large windows allowed the perfect amount of sunshine in. I ordered a V60 pourover of their Colombian which wasn’t only delicious, but only $3 (instead of $5) because I happened to stop in during their daily Happy Hour when all pourovers are only $3. What a lovely surprise!


Johnny Brenda’s

Johnny Brenda’s is actually a bar and music venue, but they also roast their own coffee. How cool is that? I enjoyed a Castaway which was their cold brew coffee, condensed milk, and Sailor Jerry Rum. It tasted like tiramisu in liquid form, and I couldn’t drink it fast enough. Shout out to the super nice bartender who kindly charged my phone behind the bar so I could find my way home!


While I was able to cover a lot of coffee ground in 48 hours, there’s still much more to go. I came with a long list of recommendations, and I look forward to returning soon and checking more off the list. What’s your favorite coffee house in Philadelphia?

Keep caffeinated,



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