2016 in Retrospect

It’s hard to believe 2016 is just about over. For many, it’s a sigh of relief. However, for District of Coffee, it’s been an exciting year full of coffee dates, writing (and rewriting), taking photos, making friends, lots and lots of coffee, and lots and lots of firsts.

The coffee shop at Politics & Prose underwent a makeover in 2016 and reopened as The Den.

When we rang in the New Year just under a year ago, neither one of us had any plans for a coffee blog. We were just two highly-caffeinated ladies who enjoyed a fresh cup of joe and occasionally documenting it on our respective Instagram accounts. It wasn’t until the spring that we ever really interacted. I think it started with a photo of Danielle’s…while at Bakers & Baristas, she captured the Starbucks across the street and acknowledged the role the coffee giant has played in our culture over the decades. I commented about how I had once worked at Starbucks and appreciated her caption, and shortly thereafter I received a direct message. Danielle had seen an article on Perfect Daily Grind about specialty cafes in New York City – she was thinking about doing something for DC and wondered if I’d be interested.

We met a couple times, visited numerous coffee shops, documented all of our experiences, and eventually penned our own article for Perfect Daily Grind. After doing so we continued to keep in touch, occasionally floating the idea of a coffee blog. In late June we agreed to go for it and in late July published our first blog post. We were officially coffee bloggers!

Behind the scenes at Grace Street Coffee. Their sneak peek was our first major blog post!

A lot has happened in 2016 – not just concerning us, but the DC coffee scene as a whole. Pineapple and Pearls, Grace Street Coffee, Commonwealth Joe, and Emissary opened their first brick and mortars. Compass Coffee and La Colombe have both opened two more locations and The Wydown its second store on H Street. Mocha Cafe and Pastry underwent a remodeling as did the coffee shop in Politics & Prose, now called The Den. We’ve come across nascent coffee roasters Katz District Coffee and passionate coffee pop-ups Penny Brew and Duality Espresso & Whiskey who are sure to continue making a splash into the new year. Jrink Juicery began serving its own tasty take on a latte. Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls made a stop in the District. And we have made many friends and established many partnerships that we look forward to cultivating as the coffee scene and our blog continues to grow.


We’re pumped for what 2017 holds in store for us and all the coffee-lovers of DC! Stay tuned for some exciting posts in January, such as our feature of Lost Sock Coffee Roasters and a sneak peek at Swing’s newest location in downtown DC. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Keep caffeinated,



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