Home for the Holidays

The holidays are finally here, and I for one couldn’t be more excited!

I write this to you from Shreveport, LA, as I have headed home to spend Christmas with family and friends. Seeing as I now rarely get to visit my hometown (what with a grownup job and all), my schedule when I do make the trip is always jam packed with lunches, happy hours, and coffee dates. As previously mentioned, my hometown doesn’t have much to offer in the way of specialty coffee. However, we do have Rhino Coffee which opened up my senior year of college. I love meeting friends for a cappuccino on their front patio or snuggling up in the back room with a book. The baristas are always welcoming, the coffee always fresh, and the atmosphere always comforting.

DC fashion blogger @cobaltchronicles is also from Shreveport and often frequents Rhino when she is home.

On my @caffeinatethecapital Instagram page, I recently asked people to name their favorite hometown coffee shop and explain why they love it. I received many responses – from California to North Carolina, one even in Hungary! Below I highlight several of your hometown faves.

East Coast

Let’s move from East to West, shall we? If you’re from the tri-state area, Kahve in NYC or Boxwood Coffee in Summit, NJ, might be your go-to’s while home. And I hear Ragged Edge Coffee House in Gettysburg, PA, has become a staple for locals and tourists alike.

“Not only has great coffee and great food, but their giant glass windows make it easy to people watch while enjoying both!” -@stylishlytaylored on Prince Street Cafe in Lancaster, PA


I was excited to see someone mention their favorite hometown coffee shop being Cups in Jackson, MS, simply because it’s the only one of the coffee shops mentioned outside of the DMV that I’ve actually been to. A number of people who participated are from North Carolina, naming Talia Espresso, Anchor Coffee Co., Camino Bakery, and Crema Coffee and Bakery as their hometown faves.

“Amazing staff with amazing coffee and pastries. Can’t wait to have some for the holidays and pretty much every day until we leave.” -@liz_1105 on Theory Coffee Co. in San Antonio, TX


Unfortunately, I know very little about this area of the country. However, by looking at the responses on Instagram, the Midwest has a lot to offer coffee-wise. If you’re from Iowa, maybe you like to frequent The Old Factory Coffee Shop or Smokey Row Coffee. If you’re from Michigan, maybe it’s Roast and Toast Cafe or State Street Coffee.

“They roast and brew their own coffee locally! Plus both their cafe locations are absolutely beautiful and perfect for an Instagram photo or two.” -@honnofor on Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Denver, CO

West Coast

The West Coast is in some way the coffee mecca of the United States. Seattle and Portland are both huge on the coffee scene. However, according to you guys, California also serves up some competition with Lavendar & Honey Espresso Bar in Pasadena and A’Roma Roasters in Santa Rosa.

“Sister owned ChadLou’s is the most amazing small coffee shop. You can smell the ocean, and it’s the best place to curl up with a book.” -@ashworthashley on ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters in Kailua, HI


I admittedly often forget that for many, the DMV is home. And so, for those of you that are local, some of the hometown favorites are Vigilante Coffee, Java Shack, Bourbon Coffee, and Killer ESP.

“Not only can you get a great coffee, but you also support a great community mission!” -@ad2dc on The Potter’s House in Washington, DC


Two international coffee shops that were given a shout out were Camden Coffee House in London and Espresso Embassy in Budapest. Considering both of these cities are on my hopefully-soon-to-visit list of destinations, I am keeping these cafes in mind for my future travels.

Rhino Coffee is all lit up for the holidays

It’s only been 24 hours, and I’ve already hit up Rhino once… Whether you are home for the holidays or not, I hope everyone is celebrating the holidays with a hot cup of coffee and people they love!

Keep caffeinated,




3 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Isn’t it lovely to just go home for the holidays, Christmas especially, sit with family and enjoy the cold weather with a nice warm cup of coffee kissing your lips every time you take a sip? True bliss! I’m from India and we don’t get to see a white winter. It’s just either raining or a little chilly. I wonder how it feels to sip strong warm coffee when it’s almost freezing outside. Also, if you could mail me some of that coffee you love so much, I would looove to taste it! Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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