Holiday Wish List: Coffee Enthusiast

We’re back at it for part two – gifts for the coffee enthusiast who wants to kick it up a notch (and a couple for those who enjoy drinking tea as well). Happy Holiday shopping!



Why it makes a great gift: This is really where our holiday wish list began when Daniëlle discovered the personalized Chemex at the New York Coffee Festival. I mean, what a cool gift? You can have it personalized with your coffee enthusiast’s name, favorite sports team, your professed love for them…really, the world is your oyster. Then pick a colorful rawhide and get the bead personalized too while you’re at it. Chemex is making us one with the District of Coffee logo, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Price: $38-$48 on average

Where to buy: Chemex Website – find details for a custom design here, and regular here.



Why it makes a great gift: What do you buy for the coffee enthusiast who already has everything? Tea! All kidding aside, this young Australian company makes incredible Chai using only the best ingredients and spices. We have written about Prana Chai before – such a great product: They are all natural – no additives or preservatives. They recently started distributing in the United States and we are over the moon! {We have teamed up with Prana Chai to share a Masala Blend gift box (including the fresh chai masala blend, ceramic cup, Turkish tea pot and strainer – as pictured) with one lucky winner – a $62 value! See our Instagram for more details. Furthermore, Prana Chai is providing our readers with a discount code, see details below!}


Price: $22 and up  {DISCOUNT ALERT!!! Use code “DISTRICT” for 20% off their popular chai masala blend through 12/26! Find it here}

Where to buy: Prana Chai North America Website



Why it makes a great gift: This gorgeous All-in-One has been luring Lauren in for a long time. It’s sleek and purposeful: storing, grinding, pouring, and serving your coffee all-in-one. The grinder handle folds into the compact contraption, and has adjustable grind size; it includes a fine mesh filter and allows you to craft your own pourover all in one simple device, including drinking it out of the insulated tumbler. Economical, mess-free, and oh-so-handsome, it’s the Cadillac of travel coffee brewers.


Price: Retail price varies, around $100

Where to buy: You can find them in several local shops, on the Cafflano website, or on Amazon



Why it makes a great gift: Create the perfect pour over just like your favorite barista! A goose neck kettle allows you to be more precise while pouring, both in speed and where the water hits the grounds. The one pictured below from The Silver Spoon Co. has a built in thermometer which is really helpful in making sure your water is the perfect temperature before extracting your coffee grounds. This is a great gift for coffee and tea lovers, alike! {We dig this product so much that we’re  teaming up with The Silver Spoon Co. to give away one of these beauties later in the week – a $50 value! Check our Instagram on Thursday for more details!}


Price: Varies, anywhere from $20-$80

Where to buy: The Silver Spoon Co. or Amazon



Why it makes a great gift: Who doesn’t love an activity gift? Several shops offer a variety of classes taught by incredibly knowledgeable baristas, from Coffee 101 to Espresso Fundamentals to Iced Coffee… This could also make a great date activity – learn the different methods of brewing coffee together! Current local shops that offer classes are Peregrine and Vigilante.


Price: Varies

Where to buy: Peregrine website, Vigilante website



Why it makes a great gift: When all else fails, Most coffee enthusiasts love trying coffees that their friends like, so pop by your fabulous local cafe or roaster and pick up a bag of fresh beans for your buddy. While you’re at it, get yourself a bag -unless you have a good friend who is already thinking thinking the same for you. Then order your favorite holiday beverage, and relax while you cherish the feeling of being done with your holiday shopping. You got this.

Before we wrap this up ( <– see what we did there ?), one final giveaway to make your holiday shopping oh so much more spectacular. Some of our favorite roasters have chipped in to brighten up your holiday lights and together we’re giving away a bag of Swing’s coffee, Zeke’s coffee, Grace Street Coffee, Katz District Coffee, and a sampler of Commonwealth Joe Coffee. Head over to Instagram to enter, and happy sipping!

Our holiday wish list now draws to a close. We’re so thankful to all our partners in this and hope you found the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover (or yourself)!

Get your buzz on,

Daniëlle and Lauren


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