Holiday Wish List: Coffee Novice

Whether you already have most of your holiday shopping done or are just about to get started, we have put together a two-part Holiday Wish List for the coffee-lover in your life (yourself included). Part one is tailored to people in the early stages of their caffeination education.


Why it makes a great gift: We can’t say enough about Aeropress (we try, check out a few previous posts here and here). It’s the perfect tool for someone who is just starting out in specialty coffee and wants to begin brewing fresh coffee at home. It’s also great for your friend who travels a lot, likes to go camping, or complains about their office coffee on a regular basis. The Aeropress includes the filters, and you don’t need a special kettle or scale to make a great cup. {We’re so excited about this device that we’ve teamed up with Aerobie, the makers of Aeropress, to give away an Aeropress to one lucky follower! See our Instagram for more details!}

Price: Between $29-$34

Where to buy:  You can find these at most specialty coffee shops or online on Amazon



Why it makes a great gift: Most people getting started in grinding and brewing good coffee at home start out with a blade grinder. Unfortunately these lead to inconsistently sized particles, causing the coffee to extract unevenly. We recommend a ceramic burr grinder that allows you to specify grind size. While there are many different options ranging in price and aesthetics, we are partial to the simple, sleek, stainless versions that fit inside the hull of the Aeropress. Note: while the first few times seem tough to churn the grinder by hand, it quickly becomes muscle memory and becomes a pleasant part of the morning routine. Makes you really appreciate your brew!


Price: Anywhere from $12 – $99 – a simple grinder will likely suffice!

Where to buy: You can find these at most specialty coffee shops or online on Amazon



Why it makes a great gift: This tee from Sneekis is great for showing off your DC pride and love for coffee all at once! The happy recipient of this gift will love the clever design, soft fabric, and comfortable fit. Shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. {We’re also so excited about these cute shirts that we’re able to provide our readers with a 15% discount on the entire Sneekis site! See below for details!}  


Price: $25   {DISCOUNT ALERT!!! Use code “districtcoffee15” through Sunday, December 11th for 15% off your entire order!}

Where to buy: Sneekis website



Why it makes a great gift: There are few things more beautiful than having fresh coffee beans delivered straight to your door. Subscriptions allow people to try a variety of coffees to find out what they like. Also, every time your coffee lover receives their subscription, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtful gift.


Price: Varies

Where to buy: Check out our previous write up on local cafes offering coffee subscriptions



Why it makes a great gift: These are books you and your friends would be proud to display on your coffee table. The graphics are fun and informative, and the photographs in both books are stunning. Both books offer recipes, teach different brew methods, and go into responsible coffee sourcing. Blue Bottle’s book is a trusted source for everything related to specialty coffee, and Brew Better Coffee at Home is a newcomer (published in September) that will knock your socks off.

Price: $16.66 – Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

Where to buy: at Barnes and Noble

Price: $19.08 – Brew Better Coffee at Home

Where to buy:  on Amazon


The fun isn’t over, folks. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s post where we provide part two of our wish list, ‘presents for your favorite coffee enthusiast!’ And of course, more coffee giveaways!

Keep anticipating,

Lauren and Daniëlle


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