District of Coffee Takes on Miracle on 7th Street

On Sunday we lined up early to get into Miracle on 7th Street, DC’s second annual pop-up Christmas cocktail bar in Shaw. Last year hosted by Mockingbird Hill, this year has expanded to include Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency.


Each restaurant offers a different theme: Stranger Things, Goats and Sweaters, and Christmas as F*ck (We’re not convinced this was the actual theme, so we are also going to include the motif of Narwhals). There are also a couple additional rooms at the back of two of the bars, one of them all-out decorated for Hannukah.



Drinks don’t come cheap – themed cocktails start at $13 – but they are fun and festive and may include a piece of a Christmas tree! You can even take home the glass for $10 more (or $5 for the Santa shot glass). Both of us tried the “Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen” (sparkly and sophisticated) and the “Buzz, Your Girlfriend, WOOF!” (includes a pine twig). Daniëlle ended the night with a “Cornmeal, Gunpowder, Ham Hocks & Guitar Strings” (bourbon-y and maple-y) while Lauren finished with the super dessert-y “Snow Angels, Ice Skating, Cookie Dough, & Snuggles” (the drink with coffee liqueur to justify the blog post 🙂 ) A couple of egg nog shots might have been enjoyed as well…


Miracle on 7th Street is a lot of fun and a great place to get in the holiday spirit. Our recommendation is to get there early (it opens at 5pm everyday) or risk standing in a 1+ hour line.


Have you been to Miracle on 7th Street? What was your favorite room and favorite drink? Let us know what we missed!

Get your buzz on!

Lauren and Daniëlle


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