Study Spots for Final Exams

It’s been a couple years since I had to worry about final exams, but it is that time of the semester. I remember it clearly. The stacks upon stacks of note cards. The unending intake of coffee. The fear of not finding space in the library to get your work done because every other student had the exact same idea. You could study at home, but Netflix is so tempting, and your bed is calling…

I’ve put together a short list of good coffee shops for studying in case you want to get off campus and out of your apartment. I’m a firm believer that a different environment can provide the clear head space you need to get your work done. Note: all the coffee shops below offer Wi-Fi.

Colony Club

Enjoy your favorite brew (coffee before 5pm or beer after) as you pour over those textbooks in this Georgia Avenue café. Colony has desks, couches, and even a standing table from which to work. If you need a little break, head upstairs and challenge your study buddy to a game of ping pong.


Commonwealth Joe

This new coffee shop in Arlington has grand windows providing plenty of light and a variety of nitro cold brews to keep you caffeinated all day long. The sleek design of the place encourages productivity, and their coffee lab doubles as a small study room if you need a little more peace and quiet.



This coffee shop near Union Station serves up coffee with a cause and has plenty of seating for your studying needs. If you can’t find space when you walk inside, you can go downstairs to their basement where they hold concerts and other gatherings. This space normally has less hustle and bustle with plenty of room to spread out.



Both Philz locations – Adams Morgan and The Yards – are good places to cram for that exam. They’ve got tables and couches, and honestly, they don’t care how long you stick around as long as you’re giving off good vibes. I would just be careful about going on weekends as it can get hella crowded.


Port City Java

I have never seen a coffee shop with so many outlets. If you’re one of those who frets about their computer running out of battery and being far from a power source, this is the place to go. Afterwards you can wander across the street to Eastern Market to treat yourself for some good studying.



Right off the Columbia Heights metro, Tynan Coffee & Tea has a ton of comfortable seating, and their waffle breakfast sandwich is the perfect work fuel. If you run out of post-it notes or your last highlighter goes dry, you can just hop across the street to Target or Staples to replenish your school supplies needs.


Did I leave your favorite study spot off the list? Let me know! And good luck with finals!

Keep caffeinated,



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