La Colombe Doubles DC Presence in Less Than a Month

La Colombe first hit the DC coffee scene in 2014 with its quirky, quaint café situated in Blagden Alley. Their second local shop didn’t open in Chinatown until fall 2015. And now, in less than a month, La Colombe has doubled its DC presence with its Manhattan Laundry and REI grand openings on October 1 and October 21, respectively. It’s exciting to think we featured the fan favorite in our first article together for Perfect Daily Grind, and now it’s expanding at such a quick rate!

La Colombe’s third DC location at Manhattan Laundry offers lots of space and light

Located adjacent to WeWork, the Manhattan Laundry location on Florida Avenue is open and bright, with La Colombe’s signature large windows, exposed brick, and clean, sleek furniture. The building is on the National Register of Historic places, and La Colombe has done a great job at preserving its natural beauty. There is ample seating and lots of light, perfect for a coffee date with an old friend or cramming for that exam next week.

Enjoying a geisha pour over and draft latte on my first visit to Manhattan Laundry (please excuse my pastry crumbs)

It seemed everyone and their mother was incredibly stoked at the opening of the REI flagship store in NoMa (see the marching band strike up some spirit on our Twitter feed), which includes DC’s fourth La Colombe. This building also contains a lot of history, being the site of The Beatles’ first US concert. Hundreds lined up early this past Friday morning (or camped out overnight- how apropos) for the grand opening, and La Colombe not only provided coffee for those waiting outside, but they offered free coffee to visitors Saturday and Sunday. The café will have its own entrance and hours for those needing their caffeine fix before REI opens for the day.

La Colombe’s fourth DC location is tucked inside REI’s new flagship store in NoMa

The company plans on opening its fifth local store in Farragut Square, though the date on that is still to be determined. However, one thing is for certain…La Colombe is definitely carving out a space for themselves on the DC coffee scene.

[UPDATE: La Colombe at 1710 I Street (near Farragut Square) is now open!]

We’d like to know, what’s your favorite La Colombe location?

Stay caffeinated,


Taking in the scene at REI’s grand opening

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