Dutch in DC

Usually when my European relatives visit they shake their heads at the size of a cup of coffee served at cafes. It’s true, everything in America is bigger, but many places are catching on that it’s about quality not quantity.

Now I am armed with the knowledge to take them to a couple places without complaints!

Grace Street Coffee.

Double Dutch – 2 reasons why Grace Street Coffee was a good idea: I recently asked manager Angel if they were getting any resistance running a specialty café and he explained that generally people are excited to learn more about their coffee but sometimes people complain that they don’t offer larger sized coffee. Sounds like the perfect place for small-coffee-loving Dutch people. Coffee profiles change as the temperature drops and the concentration of the coffee/water ratio are important to really taste specialty coffee. No 20 oz sized coffees here! I had no issues popping in there to order a cappuccino and take a few pictures of their Dutch-made Spirit espresso machine. It ain’t much if it ain’t Dutch!


Dutch people love their markets. Like really. So we headed to Union Market where I knew Peregrine would serve us up a delightful cup. As you all know though, most DC-ers love Union Market too so it was a tad crowded! Lucky for us Dolcezza Gelato Factory is now open on weekends. Here is what is interesting: one of my guests ordered a Macchiato. I’m sure everyone remembers how terrible it was when Starbucks came out with the caramel macchiato and it was scandalously not anything like a macchiato.. Well apparently in the Netherlands they are used to a latte macchiato served in a tall glass with lots of milk. At a specialty café in DC a macchiato is the strongest milk-based drink there is, with mostly espresso and just a splash of dairy goodness. So it was a big surprise when we received a short espresso cup rather than a smooth  mild milky drink! But I was assured it was still delicious.

So there you have it, a small roundup of Dutch-approved coffee in the District. Can’t wait until the next visit to savor more of the approving reactions as we continue to drink our way through DC.

Where do you take your foreign visitors for a cup of coffee?

Stay Grounded,



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