Travel Tuesday – Boston and Beyond

Travel Tuesday – Boston and Beyond

With fall finally sweeping in, I had an opportunity to get up north and get a sneak peek at the changing leaves and cool crisp mornings. After closing out the New York Coffee Festival we made our way across Long Island, up to Connecticut, to Boston, followed by a few days in New Hampshire.

Taking the ferry over the Long Island Sound made for an official-feeling transition into New England. Our first destination was Boston, and my goal of course was to find a good great cup of coffee. Armed with a small list of recommendations we set out in one of the oldest cities in America.

We stayed by Copley Square, next to a beautiful public library that I wanted to spend hours writing in. Giant windows great for people watching, and it had a café next to their NPR recording studio. Copley square itself is full of art history, being named after an artist (John Singleton Copley) and it once was named Art Square, it is also the finish of the Boston Marathon (the world’s oldest continuously running marathon). It has this gorgeous subway headhouse– although in Boston it’s called the “T” and it has the oldest subway tunnel in the country. The square also hosts a Farmer’s Market on Fridays!

Farmers Market at Copley Square
“T” Headhouse – Copley Square
Boston Marathon Finish Line

We caught some of the sunset over Boston Common and I really could have spent hours in the park (hours that would have been better if I had my memory card in my camera……………………….. the iPhone doesn’t do sunsets justice).


We did what tourists do, and picked up a guide book about the Freedom Trail. Luckily for me, the start of it coincides with the location of one of the Thinking Cup coffee shops. They serve Stumptown Coffee and are the proud owners of a Latte Art Competition Trophy, and they have some great baked goods to boot.


View from the parkbench right outside Thinking Cup Coffee

Part of our walk took us to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and although crowded and touristy, it was one of my favorite parts of Boston. Cobblestones, shops and eateries, and these little activity areas throughout (for both kids and adults). A few opportunities for coffee though I didn’t partake as I was on the hunt for specialty coffee only 😉


Inside a Market Hall at Faneuil Square

The Freedom Trail concludes on Bunker Hill and though a bit out of the way, it boasts some beautiful views. My three-year old trucked it to the top of the obelisk (nearly 300 stairs)!

NOT the Washington Monument 



We probably picked the best time of year to be in Boston as we enjoyed outdoor seating for dinner nightly, and overall amazing walking weather. My other favorite part of the city was Newbury street – lots of restaurants and shops in gorgeous brick buildings. Here we found Pavement Coffee house, a bagel bakery and specialty coffee shop that serves Counter Culture coffee.


Driving out of town through Cambridge we spotted half a dozen more coffee shops that we’re definitely coming back for! We had the same experience once we made it up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. If we had more time we would have wandered down the streets of this cute New England town and had the opportunity to sample a lot more coffee. Instead we spent our morning eating fresh lobster and wondering what people do for a living in Kittery, Maine, to live in gorgeous coastal homes and own cute but mighty sailboats for weekend adventures.


We rounded out our trip in Exeter, New Hampshire, and I wanted to include a final note about how great it was to stay in the historic Exeter Inn. I’m old school and I love hotels where at night the bar is bustling and in the morning you can read the paper in the lobby and have 10 different conversations with people within half an hour. While drinking complimentary coffee of course.

Where is autumn taking you this year?

Stay grounded,



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