You’ve Got Beans: Coffee By Mail

If you’re anything like me, you don’t think about restocking something until you’re completely out. I am terrible at this, and there have been one too many mornings when I wake up and realize I have no coffee left in my cabinet. Those are not good mornings. Maybe you’re not like me and you’re pretty good at keeping your coffee stocked, but you are tired of the same old selection at the grocery store or get overwhelmed by the number of offerings at your neighborhood coffee shop and so always go with your usual. Coffee subscriptions make things easier by having coffee scheduled to be delivered to your door on a consistent basis, and coffee professionals who are eager for consumers to discover something new are left with the decision of what beans to select, making sure to rotate based on what is in season and what is particularly fresh. Below are several local options for coffee subscriptions.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters:

Ceremony out of Annapolis offers two different subscriptions – one that is exclusively single-origin beans and another that is blends. If you are on the single-origin plan, you will receive two 6oz. bags every other week. If you go with the blends, you will receive one 12oz. bag every other week. 10-week subscription is $100 and 20-week subscription is $195, shipping included.

District Beans:

For those of you who can’t make up your mind or want an even larger variety of coffees, District Beans subscription service works with eight roasters, including Swing’s, Compass, and Vigilante, to deliver fresh beans to your door every month. The bachelor/bachelorette package is 12oz. for $16, the couple’s package is 24 oz. for $30, and the family stash is 32oz. for $44, shipping included. Beans are shipped the first Saturday of every month.

Qualia Coffee Roasters:

For $53/month, Qualia will mail you two 10oz. bags of beans every other week. Qualia ensures their beans reach the consumer no more than three days after roasting, promising high quality and freshness.

Vigilante Coffee Company:

Vigilante provides a more flexible approach to their subscription system, allowing you to select the amount of coffee you need (ranging from 12oz. to 5lb.) and how often you wish to receive it (ranging from 1 to 4 weeks). Beans are roasted on Tuesdays and shipped on Wednesdays to guarantee the coffee you receive is fresh.

Zeke’s Coffee of DC:

Zeke’s offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options for their Coffee Club. $20 to have your subscription delivered to your door and $14 if you pick your order up in store. With each delivery you will receive a full pound of freshly roasted coffee and a card describing the tasting notes and farm of origin.


Additionally, various local coffee shops provide the opportunity to purchase their beans a la carte on their website to be delivered to your door.

If you know of other local coffee subscription services, or if you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments below!

Keep caffeinated,



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